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How to wire an eq, effects unit, compressor, and crossover? Lastly, are you running stereo or mono? Man, I laugh every time I read that.

Alesis doesn't have a good reputation in the power amplifier area though this is new to Behringer. Alesis Compressor Limiter. Alesis and Behringer just quote watts, with no additional information. An alternative approach would be to put it across the mixer outputs before the amp, but that would then compress the entire mix which may be undesirable. Would I need a larger mixer?

3630 Compressor

Is that because it's a bad idea to attempt this kind of jerry-rigging or is it that they're just hard to find? Yessir, examples of a guys that makes total sense and that's what I've learned from this thread. View More Photo Galleries.

  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to help out a friend that runs sound for a church he has even less experience than I with live sound.
  2. Select each input pair and also on the output pair to make them available to Sonar.
  3. If your system is in mono then one output would be fine.
  4. Keep saving your money and when you're ready, do some listening.
  5. This presents a problem when I get into running sound for piece bands.

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Alesis MICROVERB 4 Reference Manual

If you do not see all of the information on the left- hand side, the Inspector is not active. Different versions of Cubase function similarly, but not exactly, to the examples shown here. In my experience, the big goal is to make it easy to understand the speakers. Two built-in headphone jacks with a separate source select switch allow you to hear either the control room source, or the monitor mix.

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When this occurs, the display will read rEc. If your view is similar to that shown below, the Inspector is active. Given what seems to be going on, I would put an input on each channel, then compress the output to whatever preamp hopefully only one!

Alesis 3630 Compressor Limiter
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  • In churches, sound is often mono.
  • For compressing things like microphones the most common approach is to use the compressor as an insert on the relevant mic channel.
  • In the studio, you could use the Alesis to be the final stage of mixing your song.
  • Large buildings can make things pretty rough on the Ss and Ts.

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This makes the vocals easier to comprehend in a live application. So, a nice high end cut is a good idea. Or I can raise and lower the intensity of the effect overall by adjusting the slider. Unless you have plenty of time to soundcheck that is. Use this control to compensate by adding output gain.

Use it lightly and pay attention to the noise and artifacts it creates, and turn it down if you can hear it too much. Excessive release times can be used as an effect. To do so will cause a feedback loop that can easily damage your gear. Mackie calls their amps watts per channel.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. There is side chaining but that is a different topic. To start, do you have an amp rack or are you using powered speakers for mains? To set the input level, apps watch the Input Meters while adjusting the Input level see below.

1993 Monaco Safari

These effects, called True Stereo Choruses, often have a wider stereo image than regular Stereo Chorus effects. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Really there is no reason to have top boxes try to reproduce something the subs will do so well at. At some point I will probably upgrade, but for now it will have to do until I have a better idea of what I'm doing and have more money to spend. It was through a really cool guy who had absolutely no use for them, and was simply looking for a way to move them out of his storage unit!

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Various results can be achieved depending on the sound persons ability. It's a dual channel compressor so you can either use it as an insert on two channels or on the master output. It also makes an excellent console for live sound reinforcement use. User Control Panel Log out. By the way, I am using power amps and passive speakers.

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How to wire an eq effects unit compressor and crossover

If the footswitch is pressed again, effects output will continue. Mixer is not plugged in or Plug in mixer and turn it on. The bottom of the amp had these red lights that would pulse with the music. We strongly suggest that you disable these sounds.

Alesis STUDIO32 User Manual

The noise can be controlled, and is barely a problem. For the effects, if I run them through an aux send as you described, what should I do with the individual channel faders for the channels I want to add effects to? The other side of the crossover will not be used, because you're running in mono nothing wrong with that.

Perhaps you should not attempt using the compressor until you get the other basics figured out first. Is the compressor returnable? They're noisy, can carbon dating technique don't do what they're supposed to do and take up rack space.

How would I send the compressor to individual channels? Invite him or her to join the contradance band. No, make that a better job. Learn how to use everything you have, pratice with it before you try to use it at a show, and don't blow anything up.

Alesis 3630 Compressor Limiter

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